Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calm Before the Storm !

After a festive dinner on the deck everybody........Jill and kids, Molly, Ross and Seth.....decided to head up to the soccer field at the high school........leaving me to contemplate the mysteries and knowledge involved in wedding planning as well as feeding the masses ! I think there'll be at least 14 people staying at our house for the next week starting tomorrow........of course I look forward to having everyone here, but my efficiency skills will surely be tested as well as my ability to turn a blind eye to what will quickly become a very untidy house! I know every year I wonder if I'm up to it all........this year giving a wedding party in the midst of it all....I must admit my head is spinning ! However.........the memories the kids will have of playing with cousins , swimming in the dark of night, eating cupcakes by the handful and staying up way past bedtime......I'm so very grateful I'm here to witness it all ....to participate in it all.......the laughter, the hugs, the the love a family feels toward each of it's members.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just Hangin' Out !!

Actually , we wish we have been just hangin' out.......what a whirlwind of activity! Tessy came on....let's see.....I guess it was Thursday and we started the hunt for the perfect dress ........and guess what!....I think she found it !! At , of course, the very last store we tried and we had to talk her into going there as it was an actual wedding dress store ! We were all a little skeptical, but she agreed to try on a few and the first one she put on,,,,,there were tears in all our eyes......she looked like a little doll.....so beautiful.
I wish I could post a picture of her in it, but of course that brings bad karma...or something, before the wedding......but, it's very simple.....not so much the wedding look.....perfect for Tess...... she's such an uncomplicated young woman !!!!!!!!
Yesterday we spent all day shopping for food, drinks, decorations........Jill, Molly and I were exhausted by 5:00......but Tess continued on in the late night, finding a few more sought after items.
All-in-all I think this wedding is getting itself together........now if we can all maintain our cool in this blistering hot weather we're having! Right now Seth and Ross took the boys to the river and Jill's down shopping for a camera.......so I'm taking the opportunity to chat with you all a little.........hopin' you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Norway Invades California !!

Here they are....right off the plane. After Jill had dealt with their missing luggage and Johan getting sick right after the plane landed.......the traveler's life is a life full of adventure !
We stopped in Roseville as planned on the way home and had a great dinner and delightful conversation......the younger two boys had slept a little in the car and so were able to enjoy dinner and enjoy Granny, Seth, Molly and Ross and Jim. We left to head on up here about 8:30 and everyone promptly crawled into bed and fell right to sleep .
Today we headed down to the mall and Jill did what she could to help California's flagging economy.....if she could only stay and spend we'd be in the black immediately!
Since we got home this afternoon the boys have been in and out of the pool and having a great time with Jenny. Tomorrow we're headed back down to the valley with Tess to look for a wedding dress.........very exciting day !!

Monday, June 22, 2009

They're Almost Here !!

It was a busy day around here.....but, I think I've gotten everything ready for Jilly and her family's arrival. Yesterday Jim and I got the pool up and running and finished up one of the upstairs bathroom's "remodel". Today I ran down and met my Mom for a quick lunch and a trip to the nursery where I picked up a few last minute plants for the front yard. I hurried home and planted them. The yard looks so beautiful......I hope it lasts until the wedding ! This photo is the upstairs bedroom that the three bears........err..three boys sleep in . It's a bit crowded, and the younger two are on the floor.....as they get older we'll need to come up with a better solution.
I'll leave fairly early in the morning to go pick them up in San Francisco. It takes about 3 1/2 hours from here to the airport and I want to allow enough time for traffic problems......or , as happened one year , a flat tire ! My Mom will have dinner ready for us as we pass through Roseville on the way back up here. Jim, Molly, Ross and Seth will also be there .......everyone's so excited !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009 !

Here's a photo of Jim this morning barely able to contain himself in anticipation !!! It's almost present opening time and those of you that know Jim understand what a WHOOP_DEE_DOO kind of guy he is ! You can just tell , can't you, by his posture and the excited look on his face ! Well....anyhow....here's to my Jim whose gone above and beyond to be a "Dad" to my kids......he's been there for them in times of great joy and stood beside them in times of great stress....we'll never be able to shower him with enough gifts to show our gratitude .......I guess I'll just keep loving him and showing him as best I can how much he adds to my life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gettin' There!

Jim and I've been working the last couple of days to get the house all arranged for Jill and her family.....arriving in only 3 days!! Yesterday I got the upstairs bedroom rearranged for the 3 boys to sleep in......today I got Tess's old room ready for Jill and Gaute. I think we're about set......at least it's a very cool, cloudy day to be moving furniture around. Hopefully, it warms up before they get here !!! It's probably waiting and saving up for the 4th and 5th of July, Tess's wedding weekend, and then it'll really let loose with 100 degree plus weather ! Whatever ......we'll try to be prepared!
Molly and Ross came up last night for dinner and a little music playing......we enjoy them so much......always a joy to have them. They're off wine tasting today, but are bringing Seth back up with them for dinner here tonight.
Jim and I just indulged in a mid-afternoon snack of Cracker Jacks........Yummmm.....you can have your stinkin' wine .......give me a handful of Cracker Jacks any time!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everything is All Better!

So sorry about leaving that last morose post on for so long.......actually everything resolved itself the next day.....we're all on the same page and working to create a wonderful wedding for Tess and Ryan. I think Tessy will come down about the same day Jilly arrives......next Tuesday....and then the serious business of shopping for decorations , food and appropriate dresses can begin!! I'm so happy that Jill will be here to be a part of it all.
Molly and Ross were going to be up tonight ,but Molly got a call for an interview with a school in Sacramento. Sounds like the type of school it is........preparing urban kids for college.....would be right up her alley. She goes in for a second interview in the morning. I hope they have the sense to hire her......she'd be a great asset !
I've become so addicted to the game of Hearts on my computer.......not something I need to be a spending a lot of time doing .......especially the next month or so ! Jim and I used to play Hearts quite a lot , but I got burned out, never winning and all.......but apparently Jim is a lot better player than the computer because my luck has turned......I can actually win !! Maybe I'll try to take Jim on again one of these days soon !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life's Not Always a Bowl of Cherries!

I'm feeling a little sad right now......seems I overstepped the boundaries a little in planning the upcoming wedding. Lot's of miscommunication , a little too much eagerness on my part and as usual, my optimism that...the more the merrier, let's just have fun.......somehow all of this combined has created some stress for all involved . Anyhow....I apologize for hurt feelings and invitations not extended.
Now I think I'll turn on my new favorite computer game......plain old "Hearts" .......and just totally turn my head off. "Night all.......sleep tight!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blowin' in the Wind !

Believe it or not, here it is the middle of June and it hasn't been warm enough to dry the clothles on the clothesline for almost a month! I would love it if we had a somewhat cool summer, but I know it can turn on me in a micro-second. Today is only about 70 degrees......perfect weather....not too warm, but warm enough to dry the sheets!
I spent all of this morning working in the yard.....a little preliminary work for the big event on July 5th! This is all turning out to be a little more stressful than I anticipated , but with a few calls tomorrow to the party rental people and a little scouting out of the food situation , I think I'll have things somewhat under control.
Last night we went down to mid-town Sacramento to hear Ross' band play. Oh-my-goodness..... they were so good !! It was packed full of people all around and everyone seemed to be having a great time. If all goes as planned his band will be playing up here for Tess and Ryan's wedding.....guaranteeing a great time for all !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss Molly is a Teacher!

Yesterday afternoon Molly received her teaching credential from UC Davis and is now fully qualified to teach in the great state of California............if only there were any jobs! Well....it was a nice ceremony anyhow.....very entertaining speakers . She had a large contingent of well-wishers and finally we had a loud booming voice in Ross that made Molly blush as well as laugh as she walked across the stage. After the ceremony we all headed back over to Ross and Molly's for a barbecue.....it was a great ending to an exciting day. Well done, Molls....we're all so proud of you.
The other big news is that Tess and Ryan have changed their wedding date and location. They now will be married on July 5th ....up here at our house!! We're so excited because now we'll all be able to be more a part of the planning and execution.....perhaps that's bad choice of a word !.........anyway.......it'll be a low key affair.....just way we like it up here. It'll be a very busy next couple of weeks , but I'm so pleased with their decision.......thanks Tessy and Ryan....I promise you a lovely wedding!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bathtub Gins!

Yesterday was so much fun......very cool band, we could not stay still while they were playing! Ross was awesome , amazing guitar player........they play downtown again on Saturday night and I'm really looking forward to hearing them again. The video of them that I've posted does not do them justice , but it'll give you a bit of an idea.
After they were done playing we headed over to Denny and Joanie's for dinner. Wonderful grass-fed beef hamburgers and one of Joanie's amazing salads. It was a wonderful evening so we ate out in their front courtyard amongst all the beautiful flowers.
Today has not been so glamorous........no rock concerts.....no fine dining....not even any one to talk to.........just me and Jenny and we just got done washing the screens and outsides of all the windows. Not my favorite cleaning job , but it does look nice once it's done.
Hope the video loads okay and that you all enjoy! Sorry the video's a little jerky.........some serious foot tapping going on! Also......Ross is the guitar player WAY in the back with the white shirt on. I had a much better, longer video that I tried to load but had no success. Again.......this does little to capture the music......my apologies to the musicians!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stage Two!

This morning I got stage two of the front yard renovation completed! We had these Daylilies left from when we dug up the flower bed and I couldn't bear to throw them away. So....the other day when I was down inRoseville with Mom she bought me these metal basins......perfect for planting Daylilies!! Thanks, Mom! I also stuck in some Gladiolas that we'd dug up. Everything looks great and I'm looking forward to lots of colorful blooms.
Still cloudy and cold up here.....no fire because we've both been outside working most of the day, but as evening comes on I may relent and cozy up! I hope this weather gets it out of it's system before Jill comes.......they really look forward to warm, sunny days.
Tomorrow Mom, Seth....maybe Jim... and I are headed down to the big city to see Ross's band....The Bathtub Gins. They're playing at a club in Sacramento ........I can't wait to hear them. After the show Denny and Joanie are having us over for dinner. All-in-all a awesome sounding Sunday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Here!

After three long weeks the long-awaited microwave is here ! The old one blew up just as I was leaving to head to Salt Lake........poor Jim had to heat up the meals I'd left for him the old fashioned way......which is really a pain. About ten times a day I head over toward the micro's home to take advantage of it's magic.......and there's no micro there! Of course, I'm not a real quick learner, but I just haven't seemed to be able to accept that it was really gone. Those days are over......thanks to UPS man who made the treacherous trip up the driveway. I only hope this new one will grant us with it's presence a little longer than the old one which lasted only about 2 years. I won't get going on the whole situation of throw-away appliances..........it infuriates me!
It's cold and drizzly up here today........but nothing like the huge thunder and lightning storm we had last night. I've been in lots of thunder storms, but I think last night's storm had them all beat...........it was wild! Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep, but I still managed to have real productive day. Lot's of cleaning.......some much neglected sewing.....and now on to dinner and an NBA finals game 1 to watch!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Boy........the Cherries are Here!

It's been a few years since we've had any kind of decent cherry crop, but it looks as though that's about to end! That is if we........don't have big storm that knocks them all off the tree.......or the birds don't get greedier than usual..................or the tree doesn't just give up and let them all fall to the ground! But.........it's looking good and although they're not quite ripe .........I just ate quite a few and they were tasting pretty cherry-like to me! By-the-way.........being the intrepid photographer that I am........I backed into the chicken's electric fence while getting this photo.........I hate when I do that....Ouch!!!
I got my hair cut today.........nothing drastic, but it does feel lighter. It was good to catch up with my hair stylist, Shanti.........what a character! She has her hair dyed like a leopard!!! Quite fetching, but she wasn't able to convince me to go that way. She's adorable though........smiley and a very easy laugh.
There was a little rain shower up here this afternoon....nothing to write home about.....except, of course, here on little Lupine Hill Farm!

Monday, June 1, 2009

So Inviting!

Just wanted to sing the praises of our back deck.......it looks so welcoming and inviting right now. All the flowers are in bloom......the big oak is full of shade providing leaves and even the old umbrella is resurrected for another year of service. This deck has provided the setting for so many parties and family meals.....so many heartfelt conversations......amazing water balloon fights......intensely played games.........and it's redwood boards have given shivering swimmers a warm place to lie. The deck' s "season -in-the-sun" is just beginning .......I can hardly wait to experience what this Summer brings!