Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Good Bye Old Friends !

      Last Friday we made a big change up here.....our new sofa and chair were delivered !   They look beautiful and besides needing a little "breaking in", are very comfy.  Now what to do with the old pieces......loyal and soft for over 15 years .   Hurray.....Tess and Boyce said they would be delighted to give them a new home.  Yesterday they came to pick them up.....I included 3 rolls of brown duct tape as a bonus !    It was wonderful, as always, to see their smiling faces and have a little visiting time.   Bryn was his usual feisty self......I hope he never loses that swagger !
     I talked with Seth this morning and all is well in Santa Barbara.......I think they love it there.   Maybe they'll help me conquer my So Cal distain !
   Beautiful Fall weather ......they say all this week.   My very favorite time of year.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Moving Day for Bubanda !!

      Well, actually it was about ten days ago......but what's ten days amongst friends !!   But, back to the point, ..... it was about as fun of a day as a moving day can be !   To start with, it was fairly cool and cloudy...... lots of eager smiling faces to help.....and,  homemade peach cake that Amanda's dad, Steve, brought to share !!    I only discreetly shed a couple of tears as I said good-bye, and recovered my smile by the time I got to my car. 
    Seth was actually just up here for a night.  He was coming from Yosemite were he had just completed a "clean" climb of Freerider on El Cap.  He was so stoked.......check one off the bucket list !!
I'll really miss Seth and Amanda being so close, but they're off and running now with bright futures ahead.   Love you guys : )
     Tonight is Friday Night Lights at Foresthill High School.....time for game 2 of the season.  We also went last week....they lost...but we're hoping for a win tonight.  It's so fun to go....as a bonus there are beautiful sunsets in the pines from the bleachers.
    I spent the day today listing towels on Ebay and Etsy.....time to raise some money for Xmas !  Wish me luck.....or I may be investing in some coal !!