Saturday, March 23, 2013

Life is Good !

   And..... the amazing weather continues !   A bit of rain on Wednesday and Thursday ......and now back to sunny and warm.  I've taken advantage of this and had some adventure, some  homebody time and some wonderful times with Jim.
   A week or so ago, my mom, Seth and I headed up to spend the day with Tess and Bryn at their cabin.  It was so beautiful up there and Tessy has done such a wonderful job in fixing up their little place and making it a warm and welcoming home.  Anyhow, after taking in the sights around her home .....and some play time with Bryn....we decided to go down the road to Peterson Corner for lunch.  Awesome roadhouse type place......not a poser roadhouse ....a REAL roadhouse started in the 1800's, complete with plenty of characters in the bar.  Since we had Bryn with us we were very warmly welcomed......he had big, brawny men melting over his baby charisma.   We enjoyed an awesome lunch ......I highly recommend the place if ever you're out in the middle of nowhere !     After lunch we drove back up the road to check out Tess' nearest grocery store.......Mother Truckers !!   A step back in time to the sixties......I loved it and if I lived there I would find an excuse to go everyday !   It had everything the folks of rural Nevada County could want......natural foods , fresh produce and rolling papers!  
   Next adventure.....Jim and I headed down the hill to become among the elite......RV owners !!   So exciting, although we haven't opened it up since we got it home since the weather was a little damp for a few days and we didn't want the canvas to get wet.  Sure looking forward to some time soon to try it out on a little overnighter.
   Last week Jim found some folks to play music with and seemed to really have a blast.  They meet a couple of times a month.....I'm going down with him next time.....I'll report back with pictures !
    Yesterday Tess and Bryn came over for the day......I was in heaven !  Brynny plays and plays......amazing ability to entertain himself.  He got tired and Tess was tied up on the phone for work so I loaded him up in the wheelbarrow and off we went.  He was asleep within 10 minutes and slept outside under a tree for several hours.
   Today Molls and I met my mom for lunch and Molly got herself some new shoes at REI.  I got some groceries for tomorrow.....Dan and Anna are coming up for the day and hopefully stay for dinner.....really looking forward to seeing them.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lovely, lovely.......!

Yep, it's been simply lovely up here the past few days.   It was around 70 degrees today and everywhere I look I see soft Spring green.  The birds are slowly coming back for the Summer and the air is full of their chatter from sunup to sundown.  Callie's frisbee skills are shaping up, my violets are blooming and I can't seem to stay inside for more than a few minutes at a time......I never think that I'm really a "Spring person", but I may have to reevaluate my thinking !
   Jim's been busy constructing a "boat house" for the canoe and kayaks......I think he's been enjoying it.....although he has certainly experienced a little frustration here and there !  It sure will be nice to get the boats out of the direct sun and we're likely to use them more often if we don't have to check for snakes underneath them !
    My daffodils are in full bloom on the front hillside.....a sight to behold.   They amaze me with their cheery yellow and open "faces".
   Tomorrow my mom and I are headed up to Tess' house.  Just a quick visit to say "Hi" and  to get a little Bryn time.  I am so, so glad she lives close enough for quick, no fuss visits......I can hardly wait to get some big , juicy smiles from my boy.

 Friday!   We pick up our new camper on Friday !   Very exciting.....we may "camp" in it on Friday the driveway !!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maybe Spring Has........Sprung !!

    What ????? Seventy -eight degrees by next Wednesday ?  Daylight savings, daffodils, lazy dogs in the sun.......sounds like Spring to me !  I'm headed down to the used book store to pick up a few.......good weather for sitting in the sun with a so-so book in hand.
  This past week Jim and I were "touring" Northern California hunting for a deal on Craigslist for a used tent trailer.  Two days on the road......nothing panned out......and then......we remembered a little one we'd looked at in Loomis about a month ago at a dealer.  After a quick call to make sure it was still available we drove from Napa to Loomis and bought ourselves a 1995 Rockwood Freedom tent trailer !! We pick it up next Friday ......just in time for our anniversary!  It'll be a great little "overnighter" and a wonderful guest house while parked on the driveway.  Well, you'll coming next week !
     Most current "news" around here is that Amanda was accepted into the UC Santa Barbara PHD program and she and Seth will be moving down there around the middle of August.  So proud of Amanda and thrilled for their new adventure.   Seth just called for a visit and he was telling me he thought he would join AmeriCorps for a year down there.   They pay a modest salary, health and dental insurance, plus will pretty much pay off his student loan.  As I understand it he'll be working with disadvantaged students......great experience since he's considering getting his teaching certificate.   Exciting times !!

   Waffle morning tomorrow......Matt and Molly probably joining us.....maybe a little exploration trip to some obscure nearby place...and then a kickoff Spring rib barbecue.......soundin' good !