Sunday, November 30, 2008


I love this time of year , but since undertaking this little business it's lost some of it's allure! I'm sick of sitting up in my little "sweatshop" I've moved my operation downstairs for the day makes me feel a little more a part of the household! What a mess I have down here, but I have gotten quite a bit done this afternoon. My last sale of the year is this Saturday...however, it's a huge one with lots of inventory needed. I'm actually in pretty good shape...I've gotten all my large orders done......such a good feeling! If I wasn't so greedy I wouldn't feel compelled to have so much to sell.......but greedy I am!

I'm just feeling a bit guilty about not doing more this weekend.......Molly, my Mom and I had way too much fun doing the Xmas shopping thing........but I'm willing to pay the price now........I wouldn't trade the fun times this weekend for anything.........even cash!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

I didn't remember to capture the fun on "film" yesterday so I offer you leftovers!

This truly is about all that's left after yesterday's feast and tonight's dinner in front of the TV. We all enjoyed the day very much yesterday.....a rather small crowd, as crowds go up here.........I think there were only 8 of us, but we all possessed hearty appetites. The afternoon was very mellow, the dinner conversation very lively and then a rather sleepy dessert session! Everyone left by around 8:00 and I was ready to crash by 9:00.

Molly and I did a few errands today....braving the crowds and finding a few bargains. Tomorrow I think we'll go down and meet Granny for a few more deals we can't resist.

I hope you all also are having a great much to be grateful for.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Molly's Belated Birthday!

Well, yet another group portrait and not a very imaginative one at that! This was taken at Granny's house the last weekend when we got together to celebrate Molly's 23rd birthday. My littlest baby girl!!!!! Molly .......sweet from the moment she came into this darlin' red girl! Anyhow.........we had a fine time and of course a great dinner. The "men folk"......Denny, Jim and Ross set up Granny's new big screen while us women saw to dinner. After dinner , while Molly opened her many presents we enjoyed Freeport bakery's legendary Carrot cake. WE finally said our goodbyes around 11:00.........way past my bedtime!

Since the party I've been sewing and selling with a bit of Xmas shopping thrown in. I'm doing pretty well.....but my brain threatens to explode sometimes trying to keep everyone and their wants and needs straight. Santa must always find just the right item!!

Molly's been up here for a few days and today we had a fun day that brought up a lot of memories past. We just went down to Auburn a few things at Target and then joined the throngs of people at Raleys to get groceries for Thanksgiving........something Molly and I have done together since I've been lucky enough to have her. I have so very much to be thankful for.........and you folks get ready for another group photo in a day or two...this time we'll be gathered around the old dining table!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cozy Sunday!

Wow, a quiet Sunday with a nice warm fire hardly gets any better than this!.........but then I'm a really boring kind of person. I feel a little guilty that I don't have my sewing machines humming along......I was going to bring one of the machines downstairs so I could work at the coffee football and keep warm by the fire, but laziness took over and I'm only using the coffee table to keep my Candy Corns on! Well, tomorrow I'll be back to my workroom making magic!!!!!

Yesterday Molly and I headed to Roseville to do a little Xmas shopping......and I actually made some headway......I pretty much got Jilly's family done and so I can start sending those off to Norway this coming week.

We're inheriting my Mom's 32" TV since she bought a new 42" set and so yesterday Molly and I also went to junk shop and bought a sweet little table to put the bigger TV's a drop-leaf style, with a solid oak top, but it needs to be sanded and I'll paint part of it.......kind of a funky style. I also got a really cool old oak desk chair.......pictured in above photo. I never liked the modern fake leather one we had....isn't really our style.......I LOVE this one, so much more character than one made in China. Most of the furniture in our house shows some history of previous owners or it's furniture that Jim's made.........funky is for sure our style of preference!

Molly and Seth went up climbing with some friends today...they must be freezing!

I'm cooking a big pot of chili for dinner......I think I'll make it extra "hot" to help them warm up!