Sunday, July 29, 2012

In A Pickle !

  Well, since today is a little warmer than it's been the last week or so I decided it would be a good day to get the kitchen extra hot and steamy !  I guess pickles just wouldn't taste right if they weren't made in a hot sticky kitchen.  
   The garden, by-the-way, is awesome this year.  The squash, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers have been pouring in and now here come the tomatoes !!   I must admit the tomatoes are my favorite....first thing I usually eat when I get up this time of year is a big, juicy, ripe tomato.....with just a dash of salt !
    Yesterday my mom and I had a wonderful day with Tess. I can't tell you how many people stopped to tell her how adorable she looks......about to pop....but so tan, healthy and happy !  I have a feeling the baby may get here before too long....certainly before her due date....August 22....I don't see how her belly can get any bigger.....she's likely to topple over....face first !  
    Our "little one"....Callie... continues to delight us.  She's being such a good girl, trying very hard to please.  She and our cat, Guppy, have been working out their relationship and seem to be starting to enjoy each other.
    Now hearing the pickle jar lids "pop".....a good sign, meaning they're all sealed up .  Now the wait......should be ready to eat around Halloween !

Friday, July 27, 2012

Life Goes On and On and On !

   Still missing our "girl", but life does indeed keep moving forward.  In that line of thought we happened to see a puppy that we thought could fit in our lives and she so made us smile that we decided to take her home !  Sorry for the blurry photo .....even thought she is a "blur of activity" she was actually lying still for that photo , but camera wouldn't focus for some reason and when I got that worked out , the puppy wouldn't stay still !! Anyhow.....she's a border collie mix , 8 weeks old and we named her Callie Rose.  She shows great promise.....already house trained, leash trained and a great car rider !!    She fills a huge void for us and is great comic relief !
    Seems like we've been running around a lot the past week.  We spent one day on the coast hiking the beaches, later enjoying a wonderful dinner and music at Terrapin Crossroads where Ross and Dan were playing.
  Yesterday Seth was once again climbing El Capitan in Yosemite and so we packed up Callie and headed down there.  We arrived just in time to see him reach the top.......very exciting !! and very much a relief for me !  It was a beautiful day there.....isn't everyday there a beautiful day ??.......and so we spent some time with Callie at the river.  On the way home the road was closed for a while because of a fire.  We only had to wait about an hour and we had a puppy to play with and cherries and oatmeal cookies to eat.....I actually enjoyed the wait , but glad we were in the shade !

   Tomorrow my mom and I are headed up to see Tess !  Not long to go for her now and we're going to pick up a few things for the baby.  Getting pretty excited and can't wait to meet the little guy !

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Sweet Jenny Girl....

   I can hardly write this without crying, but wanted you all to know that our sweet Australian mutt, Jenny died suddenly around midnight on Tuesday night July 17.  As I mentioned in an earlier post Jenny had been diagnosed with Heartworms a few months ago and we had opted to go with a "gentle treatment" because of her age .......almost 12.  Up until a few days ago she was feeling so good .......full of energy .  She went downhill very fast and on Tuesday we knew she didn't have long.  She died outside on the back deck on a starry, cool evening with all of us around her.  We've buried her up here so she never has to leave her beloved home.
   We still feel quite heartbroken and miss her sweet face in everything we do......we love you, Jenny.....our precious red-dirt dog.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've Been A Long Time Gone !

Wow....busy, awesome week!   Time to play "catch- up"........Saturday, July 1, was the long awaited baby shower for Tess and Boyce's baby boy.  It was a super fun party.....pretty spontaneous, lots of laughter, good, but casual food and a host of wonderful people.  Tess received so many lovely gifts and good wishes.......thanks again to all who made it such a memorable day.
 On July 3rd we headed down to Granny's party to watch the Sun City fireworks.  It was a lovely cool night with lots of great company.  On the 4th we were all up early to trek up to town to watch Foresthill's own parade......the best Americana parade around.....the high school football team, Forest Service trucks......with Smokey the Bear !......lots of candy being thrown to the kids and the "Clampers" a very weird club leftover from the Gold Rush days.  We came home....fixed some hot dogs and proceeded to play games in the shade for the rest of the afternoon.
   The next day we all piled in a couple of cars and drove over to the coast.  We stopped in Fairfax, the lovely town Ross and Molly live in, picked them up and headed to Stinson Beach.  Despite the fact that it was a cool, windy day the 4 youngest kids jumped right in ......even doing a little Boogy Boarding !  After a long bout of shivering we got them back in the car and off we drove to Point Reyes National Seashore......a true treasure.   We hiked down to another beach there and the kids stayed somewhat shivering involved !  From there we drove up to a high cliff with an overlook .  Tia and I got there first....we looked out and there was a whale below us !!  It was such a sight to behold in this glorious, wild setting and we all were transfixed for a good hour.  Back in the we were all shivering, it was cold !.......we drove back to San Rafael just in time to see Ross preform at Terrapin Crossroads.   Wonderful show.......great time !
   Next day , it's off to Chucky Cheese.......Granny's treat!  The kids had a ball and came out with all sorts of plastic junk !  
  Yesterday was another day of adventure.  We met Tess and Boyce at their favorite swimming hole on Oregon Creek.  It's pretty much right in the middle between their house and ours. It was like a water park , only it was all natural......jumping off rocks, swimming under waterfalls ......even secret passages under had it all !  We left in the evening hungry, exhausted and thrilled to have spent the day in such an awesome place.

  Josh and family left this morning and it seems so quiet.  They are such a wonderful family.  Thanks for making the long drive, Josh.........we love you all .