Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So Long ,Sugar !

     Today we lost an old friend.......the large Sugar Pine that stood out behind the house.  It always provided much needed shade in July and August and huge pinecones for the Holidays.......you will be missed.   Poor old tree showed signs of stress for a couple of years now and these past few months it was apparent it wasn't going to make it.  This morning Jim walked out with the chain saw and down it came.  The good news is that it will provide a lot of firewood this year, a year in which firewood is scarce.  But......when you come to visit us next, you will notice it's absence, it's shade and a little bit of our home's history.
     We haven't had much need of shade the past few days.....it's been really cool and rainy.....not typical May weather.  Yesterday we had a cozy fire all day, played a few hands of cards and watched the rain fall.   Today is a bit brighter, but still a reminder that Summer is not here yet.
   Last Thursday, however, was a beautiful sunny day and Tess and Bryn came for the day.  So much fun......Bryn is cruising around and jabbering all the day.  He is such a good boy and already displays a ready sense of humor......you can really "play" with him. 
    On Saturday Tess, Bryn , Molly and I headed to the mall.......Yikes.....what a zoo !  Tess did manage to find a bathing suit, which is why we went, so I have to call the day successful.  Spending the day with the girls and Bryn is always a blast for me.....maybe we'll do the mall again someday.....hopefully not until next year sometime !
   Friday night we had dinner with some of our favorite people.....Seth and Amanda and Amanda's parents, Peg and Steve.   We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Club Car.......super fun evening.
    Sun is peeking out now......guess I'll head outside and help Jim dismember the  old Pine.

Monday, May 13, 2013

May Days !

   Almost half way into May ,a kind and gentle month.  I've enjoyed two great weekends ......neither of which I'd trade for anything.   The first weekend of May my mom and I drove over the salt flats and through the woods to Salt Lake .......destination , Josh's house.   We arrived about 5 PM, a little weary , but none the worst for wear.  We were greeted by hugs and smiles and a delicious barbecued dinner.  Lot's of catching up and making  plans for the next day......Melanie's University of Utah graduation !!!   After lazing around their beautiful house for a few hours the next morning we shifted gears.   We headed out to an old favorite, The Village Inn....many years ago Josh actually worked there....and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.   Next since Josh had ...uh, "grown out of his pants"....we went on a mission for some dress pants.  After securing a most stunning ensemble , we headed to Costco for party fixings.    Just like that....time to go to the graduation.
      It was a very nice ceremony and Melanie was singled out for honors before she made her way across the stage accepting her diploma.   When we all met up outside afterwards she walked up to Josh and placed her sash around his neck, saying that it was a sash of gratitude and that she couldn't have done it without him.   Wow.....no dry eyes in the vicinity!  It was so very touching...... Mel, you are a sweetheart.
    Once we arrived back at Josh's friends and relatives began arriving.   It was a wonderful party......we all had a blast !  By 11 or so we were all exhausted and bed felt mighty good.
    The next morning Josh,Taige and I took Timber for a walk and ball fectching session.  He is a beautiful dog and inspired me to teaach Callie a few more stupid dog tricks.  Watch out ,Josh...is all I can say...
and don't forget the Hula Hoop on the 4th of July !!!

   Tia had a piano recital that afternoon......excellant job, Miss Tia and then Taco Time !!!  Eat your heart out, Jilly !!!!  Back to Josh's for an amazing drumming session by Taige , followed by a marathon dominos tournament......the day ending with dinner at a great Chinese restaurant.
    Uneventful drive home the next day......sad to say "Good bye", but good to sleep in my own bed !!!
    Last week Jim and I pretty much devoted our time to firewood gathering.....kind of a tricky task this year.  No big storms so not many downed trees,  meaning we had to work twice as hard for 1/2 the wood !  To top it off ...on Friday we came across a Rattlesnake........ALWAYS a bad omen for me !!!
    A lovely Mother's Day yesterday....all the "local" kids came up.....Seth is somewhere on the face of El Capitan !  Of course, my mom was here also.  Bryn was once again the focus.....he's so darn cute.....can't keep your eyes or hands off of him!!!  I think we wore him out......not easy to do !!