Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guess Who's Getting Married!!

Yep, my little blue-eyed girl! She called this morning and told me Ryan had proposed this the romantic! He really did have a romantic day on the beach planned , but I guess he couldn't hold out! Anyhow Tess is thrilled and we're very happy. I really like Ryan a lot. They plan a Fall wedding, next year...probably at our house. Tess plans to move up to Humbolt County soon and start Grad school up there soon. As a bonus....we gain a new Granddaughter, Madeline Rose [Maddie] Ryan has a 3 year old daughter.

Gotta' go now ...just wanted to let everyone know!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lunch With Grunky!

I had a very nice afternoon yesterday.......having lunch with my Dad! I don't get to see him too's too complicated to explain here........but yesterday was a day when I did see him!! We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, PF Changs............we had spicy eggplant and rare Ahi.......oh, so good didn't disappoint! Visiting with my Dad.......who is called "Grunky" by my kids, thanks to a very young Jill............well, having a chance to talk to him was great. At eighty-five years old , he is awesome. He remains extremely sharp and very involved in the goings on of the world.......his curiosity has not diminished at all! I'm very lucky to have both my parents.

When I got home it was out to the garden to water some very thirsty veggies........when will it rain????? I talked to Josh in Salt Lake City and I am very jealous of the rain they've received. Like I've said before, it's unnatural to go so long without rain.

Today I went down to get some groceries in'm glad we still don't have a household full of kids to feed! Just a couple of "weekend warriors".......this week , Molly and Seth! But I must say I love having the kids me crazy!...and i think Jim does!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feels Like Fall!'s cooled off a lot today, was actually chilly this morning. I don't know how long this weather will last, but I'm hoping until the first rain. I'm really sick of watering the flowers, and veggie garden.....sick of wearing summer clothes, sick of summer food......I can't wait to cook soups, stews and apple pie!

My trip down to Sacramento last weekend was successful. I sold quite a few aprons and kitchen towels to a store down there. I like doing this wholesale thing......much easier than sitting somewhere all day. The profit margin isn't as great as when I sell my things myself, but the ease of having someone else sell for me makes up for a lot. After dropping everything off at the store I met Molly at IKEA, she bought a few things for her new home. As always we had a really nice afternoon together. When I got home Tess and Ryan where still at the river, but got home soon after I did. We had a fun dinner out on the of the best parts of Summer.

We all just hung out at home on was opening day for the 49er's.......San Francisco's football team. They lost of course, but we all ate barbecued sausage and pretended we were tailgating! Tess and Ryan left later in the afternoon and Jim and I had a few hours to ourselves .

I was grumpy and hot yesterday and then I woke up this morning to a cool breeze............instant mood improvement!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Movin' Molly!

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've visited my blog site! Let me catch you all up a bit. Last Saturday I spent the day.......a very hot day!......helping Molly move out of her old apartment....a second story apartment! We actually had a few laughs in spite of the task.......Molly and I are weird that way! We were done about 5:00 and were rewarded with a delicious dinner at Mom's house.....along with Jim and Denny and Joan. I thought I probably wouldn't be able to move the next morning, but I suffered no ill effects at all. Most of the time I love my body's capabilities, just not so in love with the size!

During the rest of this week I've been gearing up for the Xmas season.....way too hot upstairs in my workroom to imagine Xmas, but sew -on I must! Tomorrow I'm taking a bunch of stuff down to a store in Sacramento ........they want to buy my products. Needless to say, I hope they buy a lot........I'll let you know!

On Tuesday, late afternoon of another very hot day, I went down to help Molly move IN to her new little house. Seth, my Mom and Keith were there to help out this time. We made pretty quick work of it...... although at the time it really didn't seem like it! I can't wait to go back down soon to see what Molls has done......I'm sure it looks very cool!

Oh......yesterday I had my first eye exam ....ever! The doctor pronounced my eyes, "Clear as a bell".......but my over -the- counter reading glasses just aren't doing the job any "real" glasses will be here in about a week. I'm pretty excited......they're green and really cute! I'll take a self-portrait when I get them so you can see me with them on!