Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty Maids All in a Row !

Against all odds......considering the weather and our upcoming trip to Norway......I decided to take the plunge and begin to turn the front porch into the inviting spot it can be. The weather was actually nice this weekend and I just couldn't help were a "must".....not just a "want" ! So there's some snow forecast for tomorrow........that's what garages are for......harboring tender plants from the mean Spring weather.
I actually started to consider what to take on our trip today......changeable weather in Norway this time of year. I guess a rain jacket is imperative , but then again shorts may be in order ! I can't really buy anything over there that I may need because the Dollar is so pitiful against the Kroner. I'd hate to embarrass my grandsons by dressing in my usual Foresthillian uniform of shorts, denim shirt and flip flops so I'll strive for the put together "Euro" look........whatever that is !!!
Jim's another story........can I get him out of his old flannel shirts and rag-tag levi jacket ???

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Partay !!!!

Oh, ya......another wild and crazy party with the usual suspects ! It really was such a fun evening.....great food , great fun and great people that I love. I think......and hope... the birthday boy enjoyed the night also ......... pretty sure he did !
I finally got to give him the present I've been hiding for several months......a tipi !
Yes, a real big , authentic tipi ........12 ft in diameter. There again ...I think.....I hope he's excited about it ! I am !.........but, I'm not really the one who's supposed to be's his present ! We need to find some tall poles to cut down in order to erect it.......maybe we'll do some cool painting on it. I'll let you know when we round up the poles and all of you are invited to a tipi raising party........complete with buffalo stew or dried toyon berries.........well,..... something kind of appropriate !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Spring time........lawns get mowed , weeds are pulled and unruly hair is cut !! Actually it's more like Winter around here........snow this morning , just cold and wet now, but down the hill I went in spite of it all. Always fun to see Shanti ,my hairdresser and catch up on her crazy life. She's also so good at talking me into trying subtle new things.......she knows short hair is out of the question ! So.....since my hair had finally gotten to all one length....I had her cut some long layers into it. And....because Shanti is so hair looks and feels wonderful !
The rest of the day went sort of downhill from there. I sat at the Subaru dealer for
2 1/2 hours while they did a little repair that should have taken all of 15 minutes......30 minutes if the mechanic also ate his lunch ! I had a good book with me so I really shouldn't complain too much .....a lot of people .....[ Jim ]......would love to have time to sit and read a book !
Speaking of Jim.....tomorrow is his 60th birthday ! I'm no longer his "cougar" ! Mom's having a party tomorrow night for him.....just some of the kids and my brother and his wife. I know it'll be a whole lot of always is when we get together.....especially with my Mom's home cooking !

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day in the City !

Yesterday we stretched our boundaries a bit and headed to San Francisco. It was an absolutely beautiful day......sunny and a city that's often foggy and windy. We decided to come into the city from the Golden Gate Bridge rather than the Bay Bridge and it was so worth the extra miles. We diverted from our destination briefly and drove a while out along the Marin couldn't have been more beautiful. After crossing into the city we sought out a grocery store and bought some picnic fixings.......sourdough bread and some shrimp....yummm! We found a place to park down at Ocean Beach .....staked out our spot in the sand and enjoyed a warm, sunny lunch on the beach........a rarity in SF !
Our actual reason to come into SF had to do with meeting Dan and Anna. They were coming up to meet with a historical papers dealer who is handling Dan's grandfather's vast and valuable collection. We met Dan and Anna at their hotel and headed over to the dealer's office and spent several hours looking over the fascinating papers......letters from the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson......lots of Pony Express letters and Gold Rush era photos , letters ,books and maps. The collection is the largest of it's type and will demand top dollar at the auction to be held this Thursday. Anyhow......the photos I've posted were taken when we were looking everything over. The young woman is ,of course, Dan's wonderful wife Anna and sitting with her is Dan's long time friend from UCSD, Lolo. The man pictured with Dan is the dealer .......I can't remember his name, but he was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.
After leaving the office , with plans to meet the "dealer" and his wife for dinner we headed out to walk around Chinatown. It felt great to stretch our legs and visit some more with Dan and Anna....... we got in a nice long stroll on the hills of SF. We met the other couple at seven for dinner at a lovely French restaurant....enjoyed a wonderful dinner and said our goodbyes around 10:00. All in all an awesome day......something out of the ordinary for us "Country Mice"......and nice to know we can still hold our own with the "City Folk"!
Good to be home today.......still and always the "place we want to be" !

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Want a Picnic in the Sun !

Check out the sun glasses ! I actually miss the gigantic size......even better to hide behind than long hair is ! I think this was taken about 30 years can it be 30 years !!! I was pregnant with someone .......I think it was make that about 31 years ago ! Anyhow, there I am soaking up the sun , big old cooler right next to me. I know there'll be plenty of sunny picnics in my future , but it doesn't sound like any chance for one for at least a week or so. Today is so cold and snow.....thank goodness !
Yesterday was just like today and I spent the day watching golf........good grief !!!!! I think I may be suffering from a major vitamin D deficiency it's affecting my brain......come on sun......make me smile !

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sweet Sugar Pine !

It was a beautiful day yesterday......especially as days go this year ! Every year we try to make two trips around Sugar Pine, the little lake near our house. We like to go once in the Spring, before anyone is there and once again in the late Fall, just before the first big storm rolls in. So......yesterday was our Spring trip for the year......and it didn't disappoint ! It was sunny and just a little breezy......a day to dream about long Summer days spent in Sugar Pine's sweet cool water. So many fun memories of days spent there......days with the kids and grandkids......Jim and my hilarious days of canoeing.......but some of the really special days are the days just like yesterday.......quiet days , days of anticipation , markers of the changing seasons. is cold, cloudy with snow in the forecast and I'm sitting here by the fire ...........once again!!! I think this is the coldest Spring I remember since living here........I want my flipflops and I really want to plant some flowers !! According to the forecast that won't be happening for the next couple of weeks.........Oh, well.....I'm sure to be complaining about the unbearable heat soon !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunny Days Are Here Again !

Today was a pretty close to perfect wise ! My walk with my good buddy , Jenny , was a joy. I would love to be able to bottle up today and open it sometime in August on a breathless, hot day. Since that isn't possible I'll just try to remember the softness and comfort of a day like today.
My Dad called around noon today and said he'd like to meet for lunch, soooo, since Molly's still on Spring Break, I rounded her up and we headed down to see him. He seems to be doing real well and we talked about family , the mountains and books......we share an absolute love of reading ! Afterwards we stopped by REI and I treated myself with a new water bottle.......pretty excited about that !
My sweet husband will be home soon....I made his favorite potato salad for I'm off to feed the chickens , do a little watering .......maybe even run a brush through my hair !

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail !

........aka the Easter Bunny! Today was spent in preparation for the day tomorrow........carrot casserole , macaroons , fudge , and ginger cookies. I absolutely love Easter.......the "Welcome Spring" holiday. This year the weather feels more like Xmas , but I think next week that Spring will make an appearance.......and I think everyone will welcome it's tardy arrival . Back to will probably be an "indoor day" not the usual sunny -day - on - the - deck kind of Easter. I think I may be able to get a family-wide poker game going......always a hilarious couple of hours ! Of course , eating will also be a main focus and perhaps an indoors egg hunt.

I talked to Tessy for a long time to day, and now I feel good again. When I go such a long while without talking to her things just don't feel universe is now back on track ! She's busy and focused on making a living , figuring out how to move forward and sends her love to everyone.