Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burn Baby Burn !

An amazing day up sky, bright sun and hawks circling above us.....just the kind of day that makes the remoteness of living up here worth all the time and gas it takes to get anywhere! Jim decided it was a good "burn day".......always just kind of an excuse to stand around in the sun and enjoy the human fascination with watching things burn. He did have a big pile of debris piled up and now the "lower 40" is all tidy looking and waiting for more cuttings and trimming to begin a new pile ! The sun has disappeared from that hillside now and it's gotten pretty cold , but it sure was a glorious way to spend a Sunday!
For Jenny...not so glorious.....burn days encompass two of the things she's most scared of in this and the dreaded hose!!!! She spent the day well away from us ......napping at the top of the hill. Close enough she could keep an eye on us, but far enough away that we couldn't involve her in the action!
Last night Ross and Molly came up for a game of Scrabble......Ross won on a last minute maneuver.....and a King's game. Always so fun to have them.......a wonderful much in love !!
Mmmmmm......crab, asparagus and swiss cheese omelets for dinner tonight.....we've worked up quite an appetite !

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fiddle......Faddle !

Font size Yesterday we had such a fun day. Jim and I and Ross and Molly drove over to Sebastopol and picked up Jack and Donna and headed up to Cloverdale for our annual trek to the Old Time Fiddle Contest. We've gone for three years now and it's become one of my favorite days of the year. This year Jim and Ross brought their instruments and joined in the jamming that was going on out on the lobby. They pretty much stayed out there all day and seemed to be having so much fun playing with everyone. Molly, Jack, Donna and I wandered back and forth between the competition and the jamming........both were very entertaining! Amanda's Mom and Dad were also there from Davis and so I got in some wonderful visiting time with Peggy, Amanda's Mom.
We headed back to Sebastopol around 5:00.......ordered some burritos and visited until about 9:00. Luckily, Jim was able to stay awake in order to get us home and the weather cooperated in that there wasn't a lot of new snow to deal with. All-in-all a wonderful day with some of my very favorite people!
Cold and cloudy today.....I guess more snow on the way this afternoon......but, playoff football is starting in a minute and , of course, our little wood stove is glowing brightly!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Keys to a Good Life!

Here they are ............the lost keys!!! I had so many comments and folks asking whether Jim ever found them that I thought I should update everyone! He actually found them a few days ago. Apparently he had tossed them in his "coin jar" along with his loose change. We had searched luck. He found them one night when he threw more loose change in the jar and noticed that it sounded different. So......once again the earth turns correctly on it's axis........all is well here on Lupine Hill. I don't know why it's so disturbing to lose keys.......they could all be easily replaced , but for some reason you can hardly rest if you're the owner of lost keys! Or , maybe, we're just weird.........maybe.
Crazy weather up here today.......wind , snow, and rain. I don't know how the power managed to stay on , but here it is 5:30 pm and we still have lights. More rain and snow tomorrow , but not the wind.........and that's a good thing !

Monday, January 18, 2010

Humboldt Haven !

This weekend Molly and I made the arduous journey up to Humboldt County to visit our Tess. This past week Don, Ryan's Dad, suffered the same type of aneurysm that Ryan died of. He survived the initial rupture and continues to hold on after 8 hours of emergency surgery. Of course Tess took it really hard and I wanted to give Lynne , Ryan's Mom, what ever support I we decided to head up. We still await word about Don's long term prognosis.
This photo is Tess .......and dogs, Otis and Quinn, front of her house. Very cozy house and a beautiful garden. Once Tess gets settled there I think she'll be quite happy. It was wonderful to see her , kiss and hug her , and do what we could to help.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Penny Saved...........!

This is about a years worth of spare change....minus any quarters.....those go in another container.........and it must weigh at least 7 or 8 lbs !! I "roll" all my quarters and take them to the bank, but it doesn't seem worth it with all this loose change. There's a machine at Raleys that counts it and then I can choose a gift card in that amount.......if you choose cash it takes a percentage. I'm going to try to take it down this week.......but it is really heavy and I can just see me spilling it on the way in ! Not quite enough to use a wheel barrow.......but I wish I could ! Maybe one of my heavy duty shopping bags......or a chicken feed sack....or maybe I'll wait until Molly can help me.......she's big and brawny!
Bubanda came for dinner last night and announced that Amanda is Auburn's newest resident......... she's moved in with Seth. I'm happy for them both and they both sure seem excited. And you GO, Amanda........she got Seth to wash all his clothes , clean out his closet, she cleaned his kitchen AND Seth said he was going to apply for a writing job with a local newspaper !!! I hope this is a love affair that lasts forever!
I sold my first quilting squares on Ebay and the women who bought them actually ordered some more. I listed a couple more sets yesterday.......could be a nice little source of income.
Jim lost his keys last night somewhere between his car and our bedroom.......I've scoured both the inside and outside of the house and they're no where to be found. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere , both only after we've given up and replaced everything !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Ebay Enterprise !

I finally got some fabric cut with my new Go Fabric Cutter......everything went pretty smoothly....and I had perfectly cut 4" squares in no time at all. I choose "Cherry" themed fabric for my first foray......seemed sort of timely, I always associate February with cherries......I guess it's Washington's B Day ! Anyhow , the squares are listed and now I await the result. So far there haven't been many views, but people tend to wait until right before the listing my case, in 6 more days. I'll hope for the's hard for me to "sacrifice" more fabric until I'm sure the squares will sell . Time will tell........
Just got a wonderful phone call from of my very favorite people!!! Everyone there is just fine and they enjoyed a brief visit from Seth. He spent the night there last night , on his way to Denver, where he's working this week. I miss those Utah folk.......
So far no complaints about 2010......this week has been mellow and productive.....I can't ask for more .

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Winter Prune!..and I Don't Mean My Picture!

Such a beautiful day here today.......the outdoors beckoned. The cold and snow a few weeks ago really took it's toll on many of my perennials .........plants that have withstood the snow for many years just couldn't hold on this year. This afternoon I pruned all the damaged growth off ........and now I'll hope for the best come Spring.
I also finally got a chance to enjoy my favorite New Year activity.......forcing some Spring bulbs indoors. In just a few weeks I hope to have the house smelling of Spring.....thanks to all the Narcissus bulbs I started today.
Jim's been out dreaming of Spring in the garden all day......on a day like this it's easy to believe it's right around the history tells a different story. Still......already the days seems longer, the air's a little softer......the march is on !
By-the-way.......this photo's for you, Terry!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Roast Reindeer !

I know I'm a few days late with reindeer discussion, but last night I ate some reindeer for the first time !! We went over to some friends house for dinner and barbecued reindeer was on the menu. By the way.....this photo is not actually reindeer, it's the rather mundane roast beef we're having for dinner tonight....ya, Jim likes his meat rare! The reindeer last night was remarkably good......not nearly as gamy as venison, which I don't like. We had a wonderful New Year's Eve at Sarah and Lucky's house and even though we left before midnight their neighbors across the fields supplied us with an entertaining illegal fireworks show......a sight I've been hungering for since leaving Idaho.......Californians don't know what they're missing !!!
Cold and rainy to start the new year, but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be nice. So far I've cleaned one cupboard and one kitchen drawer.....a New Year's tradition of I've kind of earned a few Bowl games....maybe dive into a new book .......whatever you choose to do today I hope you're able to start the New Year off doing whatever makes you happy!