Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taken By Surprise !

The weather forecast for today was for sunny and warm, but when Jim and I got up this morning at 4:30 [!!!!] , it was cloudy and wet outside. Right after I finished my walk .....about 10:30 it started to rain and hasn't stopped since. We sure need the rain, but I did have to make an adjustment in my head to cope!
Let's see........what's gone on up here lately ? Oh...on Sunday...Dan, Anna, Seth, Amanda and Granny came up for dinner and to watch the big 49er's game........really fun night with everyone.....really sad game.....enough said...
Some changes in some of the kid's lives. Tessy still works in San Francisco and her boyfriend, Boyce , is holding down the fort up in Butte County. Well, Boyce just got a new job in Chico as the manager of an upscale Japanese/ Sushi restaurant ......The Raw Bar. If ever you venture to Chico stop in for some great food and give a hug to a great manager !
Also.....Molly and Ross are probably moving to Marin County soon. Ross will be moving over there soon to try out a chance of a lifetime job . If it all works out to his liking he'll be working for Phil Lesh.....Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh his new venue, Terrapin Crossing. Molly will be staying in Auburn until the school year is over and then she'll be moving too. I'm real happy for them.....also a little sad. I guess my car will have to learn the way to Marin !
Jim's sister Marcy has yet another film nominated for an Academy Award, I think this is number animated short film produced by the Canadian Film Board. We're so proud of you , Marcy and we'll be watching to catch a glimpse of you on Oscar night !
Homemade chicken and noodles in the crock-pot.......still raining outside......Jenny curled up at my with you all again soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Trekking !

It finally seems like Winter may be here at last !! Still sunny ,but very cold and they're promising rain and snow by tomorrow night . Since Jim had the day off today we decided to get in one last hike before the snow starts flying. We went up to our own little "private" lake , Sugar Pine, right up above where we live. was a brisk walk , but sunny and beautiful and so dry.......hard to believe it's the middle of January.
We did the 3 1/2 miles in record time.......we had to keep moving to stay warm !
Molly and Ross came up last night for dinner, some music playing and more weird movie watching. Always so fun to have them come up and we may have topped our previous score for weirdness in the Netflix streaming movie category.........The Countess.......strange, strange .
Tonight I'll be cobbling together a dinner primarily of leftovers from Saturday nights Chinese food and we'll each have a slice of Meyer lemon pie.....also left from Saturday.
Oh, I also added on today's post a picture taken on a hike the day before Xmas this year when Josh and family and Dan and Anna were up here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WOOOHOOO! football game ever! Even though Jenny looks dead in this photo she's actually just exhausted from all the excitement ! San Francisco 49ers....extreme underdogs have just defeated the mighty New Orleans Saints !!! The game came down to the last seconds of the game.......not looking good for the 49ers....then, Bamm, Alex Smith throws a bullet to Vernon Davis.....Touchdown 49ers... and they move on in the playoffs !!! I'm still so pumped I may never be able to sleep again !
I got everything done early today in order to devout the rest of the day to football ! I agree.....pretty lame , but a game like we just watched ?........I readily admit to lameness !

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday in January !

I got my computer started and will try to bang a little update out while it's still cooperating ! I know what the problem is now...... a defecti ve power supply and cord. Easy enough to remedy and I hope to find time this week to track one down.
Lazy day at home today....a few things done outside....lots of playoff football....a Kings game and lots of thought on cool things to do with Mason jars ! I feel guilty on days like this and actually look forward to the end of football and maybe more Sunday outings.
I planted my Paper Whites a few days ago and ,as always, they astound me with their speed . In less than a week I expect I'll have them blooming all over the house.
The weather remains sunny and dry......I miss a little wintery weather. Everything looks so dry and a helicopter flew over today followed by some airplanes, usually a sign that there's a fire somewhere.
Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. Happy Day, Donna ! I'm so happy that we are able to share in each other's are indeed a sister to me!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Rose !

Wow, it's been so long since I was last here! My main excuse is that my computer stopped working a few weeks ago......I think it's something with the power supply and I may be able to fix it. I'm writing this onmy new iPad that my wonderful and generous husband got me for Xmas. The keyboard is a little difficult for me and so I may not be posting too often until I get my computer back up and running.
Xmas was a blast......we had a whole housefull staying with us......crazy , hectic and so much fun! We got in some amazing hikes....a rarity for December.....lots of laughs and ,of course, Santa was good to everyone. Josh and his family just left a couple days ago and I already miss them so much.
The weather today ,on New Years Day, is unreal! Almost 65 degrees, sunny and still........kind of creepy ,actually ! We worked outside most of the day and spent a good deal of time watering everything........can this really be January ?? No change in the weather for the foreseeable future so I guess we'll have to get used to it !
I hope to be back at this blog soon with a working computer and lots of the meantime