Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sherwood Forest.....Hill !

For Jim's birthday this year I bought him a bow and arrow and this past Sunday .....Easter.... we finally got around to trying it out. In this photo I'm doing my best Friar Tuck impression , along with my Robin Hood and , of course, our band of Merry Men........otherwise known as Ross and Molly ! Molly was an awesome shot and won the entire "contest" and Ross and Jim were likewise real sharpshooters.......I, on the other hand, was not able to even hit the target......not once ! Any of you who have ever watched me play Buck Hunter may be quite surprised that I was unable to hit the target.........just kidding ....I am probably the worlds worst shot .....of any weapon known to man !!
In spite of my dismal archery skills we did have a lovely Easter ! Small crowd......Ross, Molly and my mom, but we really enjoyed the day. Of course, lots of food......a few games of Catch Phrase......and plenty of great live music.
Today it is finally sunny ....even a little warm. I bought a few plants, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to plant them yet. We had frost last night and so I think I may wait until this weekend....I can hardly wait !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here We Purple !

After a devastating night last week when we thought we had watched the last SACRAMENTO Kings game......a game followed by a community of tears, a community of despair and hopelessness.......a new community was born . This community pulled together, organized and is getting things done ! Because of a lot of hard work , pledges of time and money, it may be , just may be, that the Kings will be in Sacramento next year !! NBA execs were in Sacramento today to scope out the financial and community support for the Kings and by all accounts were blown away ! Businesses all over the region were lit with purple lights , decorated with window signs and many people in the area dressed in purple today, me included ! It's not a done deal yet, but it's looking positive........Here We Stay.......Our Town Our Team.......power to the people !!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thelma, Louise and Molly !

This weekend my mom, Molly and I took off on a road trip to Utah. The purpose was to visit Josh and his family and we had such a wonderful visit. We left about 7:30 Saturday morning ......first stop was 10 miles down the road at Starbucks in Colfax. Next stop the Black Bear Cafe in Fernley, Nevada .....home of Tess' famous alter ego , Ruby Sue ! We arrived at Josh's about 6:00 that evening and we were greeted with smiles and hugs.
Sunday morning we drove out to the Bingham Canyon copper mine.....the largest open pit mine in the U.S.......a dubious distinction ! It really is a fascinating place and we really enjoyed checking it out. The above photo was taken there. The tire is one that they use on the giant trucks that move materials around. We drove back down into the valley and ate lunch at an old favorite....."The Training Table". My kids used to love eating there and no trip to Salt Lake was complete without a stop there. It was still very good ......and yes, kids, you still order your food using a telephone at the table ! Next we headed back to Josh and Melanie's house for a few rousing games of Croquet. I'd hadn't played since the kids were little and it really is so much fun. After we'd worn ourselves out batting the little balls around, Granny generously took us all to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner......very enjoyable !!
Long drive home yesterday......rain and snow the entire drive......but it really was such a fun weekend....great company, a little adventure , even a little snooze in the back seat of the car yesterday !
On a sadder note .......I talked with my wonderful friend Terry this morning and learned that her Mom had passed away in her sleep last night. She was a wonderful woman who lived a joyful , long life. My thoughts are with you, Terry .......I love you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Pad for Bubanda !

Just the other day my mom came up and we did a tour of Seth and Amanda's new home ! This pic is taken on their deck.....interior pics will follow in a few days after they move in. It's a great place......I'm so happy for them !
As for today.......more snow !!! It's freezing and way too late to be going through so much firewood....but soon the cycle will begin again as the forest will be opening soon to go and cut more.
Tonight is my beloved Kings last game in Sacramento......by all indications they're moving to Southern California ......and that cuts the deepest !! They play our arch rival LA Lakers tonight.....the arena will be rocking, but a lot of tears will be flowing also. I know I will have the Kleenex box close by. My boys are leaving town.........my heart is breaking.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole !

Friday night I joined my Mom, Ross and Molly for my second annual Roseville Community School Spring play ! This year's production was the crowd favorite "Alice in Wonderland". Molly's K-1 crowd were the "cards" and they were a very entertaining bunch. Molly handles them all so well and they're obviously so fond of her ......it does my heart good to see her in her element. After the play's conclusion Mom took us to Chilis for dinner and we had such a lovely time......thanks again, Mom !
Yesterday I met Molly down in Auburn and I did a little scouting for a birthday present for Jim. I think I've got it all figured out......now I just have to figure out how to "budget" to be able to buy them. I also got chicken feed and dog food.....just thought you'd like to know !
It was a beautiful day up here today...a little cool, but no snow, no rain ! I watched some golf....yes, golf !... wondered around outside just enjoying the beauty of a Spring day up here. Jim's about to throw some steaks on the barbeque and then there's a Kings game on......only 3 left for the season and possibly the last ones ever to be played in Sacramento......so very sad......I can't think of it ........

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day in Stockton !

Well...it's been a while since last I posted ! But I'm here today with some photos from a lovely day spent in Stockton with Dan and Anna. We went down last Sunday to celebrate Anna's birthday ......a day early. It was a beautiful day ......perfect for sight seeing in the delta country. We arrived at their apartment about noon and then headed out to lunch at a restaurant of their choosing.....and they chose well ! We went to The Garlic Brothers establishment which is located on the delta. The food was great and the company better ! After eating we did a little cruising on the streets of Stockton and we were pleasantly surprised at what we saw. Stockton is oft described at the most miserable place in California......not what we saw however ! The city used it's setting on the delta to great advantage and they've really done some great things with the downtown. If you haven't been to Stockton for a few years you should head down there and take a look around........be sure and stop by and say "Hi !" to Dan and Anna !