Friday, July 30, 2010

Lazy Summer Days !

Summer has decided to make a comeback ! After a couple of weeks of unusually cool weather it started to warm back up today . Nothing too drastic......highs in the 90's in the valley......80's here , but warm enough that the pool's starting to creep into my mind ! In fact, I just got home from taking the recycling down........$29 worth !.....and then using that money to go purchase $45 worth of of pool chemicals. It's a battle this time of year to keep the pool algae- free, but I got some pretty strong time you see me my hair will probably be green......shades of my childhood !
While I was in town Molly called to let me know that they had safely landed in New York......although I guess it was a scary landing. Apparently a strong gust of wind almost blew the plane off the runway as they landed ! However, she was calling from their rental car and they were safely on their way up to Woodstock. It's going to be such an exciting weekend for them.....I'll try to share some of Molly's photos and video of the performance when they get back.
Not much going on this least nothing I'm aware of now. Always a chance, however, that something exciting will come up........cross your fingers for me.....I love a little excitement!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tomatoes !!!

Almost a month late , but we have tomatoes !! A few more days and I'll be able to got eat a hand full whenever I strike a fancy to. We had our first eggplant dinner a couple of days ago and I'll be ready to start the first batch of zucchini relish in a few more days, but the tomatoes are what I've been waiting delicious !
Last night Jim and I had a rare night out.....Chinese for dinner of course...and then we saw "Inception".....I highly recommend it. Worth seeing on the "big screen".
It's been a hot weekend , but it seems we may get some thunderstorms today and tomorrow......which should cool things off a bit. Yesterday I spent a good deal of the day in the pool. I love that may not be much, but it has great cooling powers!
S.F. Giants game about ready to start, guess I'll round up some lunch, call Jim in and sit for a while under the ceiling fan !

Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to Norway !

A little plug for Fresh Choice's always our choice for a final lunch out before the gang heads back to Norway.......the boys love it , all the pizza, mac and cheese and ice cream they can eat. They don't even have free refills on drinks in Norway.......yeah, hard to imagine!!
All good things must come to an end and yesterday was the end of a wonderful visit. I drove them to the S.F. airport yesterday and now as I write they're snug in their beds in Norway. We had such a good time this year and ,of course, I already eagerly await their arrival next June. Jilly always has been and, continues to be, such a lovely and sweet daughter.......I was a child when I had her , but things worked out just fine for us......she showed up with a wonderful disposition, a bright mind and brilliant smile......I love you, Sweetie......thanks again for the visit.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Favorites Are Sunflowers !

Amanda and Seth came up for dinner the other night and in her arms she carried this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and lilies. They were a little "Thank you" for the birthday party we hosted last weekend........but was my pleasure to have the party. Of course, I forgot to take any photos , but we really did have a wonderful day. Amanda's Mom and Dad came , Granny and several of Seth and Amanda's friends were there as well. It was a wonderful evening and I hope to do it again next year. By-the-way...........Happy # 29 Amanda !
Speaking of is Josh's 38th ! Happy Birthday, Sweetie. We're so proud of you and the wonderful man you are. Oh ya.......Josh's band Werewolf Afro is playing at the Utah State Fair next Saturday.......featuring the best bass player on the West Coast......Josh !!
I need to get out of my swim suit now it's time to head down to Granny's for a barbeque. favorite....teriyaki !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feelin' Like July !!

Payback time for all that moaning and groaning about the lack of warm weather earlier this month......we're in for a long, hot weekend.....a hanging out at the river kind of weekend. Today, however, we beat the heat by being treated to a day at Chucky Cheese's by Granny.......the kids had a blast and we stayed nice and cool ! Yesterday Jill and I hung out with Tess......yes, she finally made it down here !! We had a fun day in Nevada City and I actually got some early Xmas shopping done !! Tessy seems to be doing great....her great exuberance for life never ceases to amaze me !!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July !

Eagerly awaited , preparations's the day to celebrate ! Last night was Granny's 3rd of July party complete with a barbeque , hot temperatures and awesome fireworks !! We got home about 11:00 to a blessedly cool mountain temperature and everyone dropped into bed for a few hours sleep ! rest for the weary....up in time to grab a blueberry muffin .....or two....and head up to "downtown" Foresthill for the funkiest 4th of July Parade ever . Ross and Molly had beaten us up there and had a good spot scoped out. The parade was a big success in the kids eyes.......every one of the parade participants showered them with candy ! Now we've been home for a while......barbequed some hot dogs for lunch.....some live music's been playing.....lots of domino playing and jumping in and out of the pool. It's actually been a really quiet Josh, Melanie, Taige and Tia .....and we really miss them !!! Next year we must insist that they make no plans for the 4th in Utah........after all..what's Utah got that Foresthill doesn't !!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love Surprises !!

When Jilly and I got home the other day.... from one store or another....there was a mystery bag sitting on the kitchen counter !!! A bright and pretty yellow bag no less !!
Seth said it was hanging on the picket fence when he and the boys got back here from the river. I opened a very sweet card from my good friend Pam , who now lives in Portland......she had sent me a no occasion, just thinking of you gift ! This adorable Bumblebee birdhouse was in the yellow bag as well as 2 awesome little bees and ladybug. Her daughter Heidi who lives nearby had driven up to deliver the yellow bag to me.......thanks , Heidi....sorry I missed you ! And thanks to my friend Pam for adding such a bright spot to my day.
It was a beautiful cool day today....almost chilly this evening. Good sleeping weather and I'm just about ready to turn in for the day.