Monday, August 31, 2009

Let It Snow !

Today they came and removed a trusted friend......our old wood stove ! In it's place we have this new ,shiny, much bigger replacement. I'm sure on, or around, the first snowy day up here I'll grow to love this stove also, but for now I kind of miss the little , scarred and knicked stove that took such good care of us. Jim said it didn't have much life left in it and we were afraid of a "burnout" sometime in the near future..........hence, the new stove. I actually like the looks of this one better than the old one , but I have issues with throwing out anything !
I don't know if any of you heard about the fire down in Auburn yesterday.........60 houses burned a matter of several hours. Very scary.......really hits home the reality of how precarious we are up here. All it takes is a bit of wind, a spark from somewhere and lives are changed.
Tomorrow Molly starts her first day as "Miss Molly" K/1 teacher. I think her pupils are very lucky indeed !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morning Glory !

The first Morning Glories of the year.......perhaps my favorite flower we grow up doesn't hurt that they bloom in late August, a harbinger of the coming Fall. The color is amazing and it's so cool how they climb the pine early psychedelic Xmas tree !
I met Molly down in Auburn and we headed to Home Depot. Molly bought some plants for her classroom and I bought some gross chemicals for our pool.......but so far this year I've won the battle with the algae.
This morning Jenny and I took our walk....we're up to about 3 1/2 miles and we've found a very peaceful , relatively flat route. It's amazing how many other women are out there truckin' along......all of us remembering our "30 something" bodies!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Peace, Love and Bumblebees !

Yesterday I had such a lovely time........we went down to the Bay Area to a party at my old friend Stan's house. It was his mother Alice's 90th birthday and Stan and Jeannine threw her a beautiful party. Jim and I invited my Mom to go along with us and I know she really enjoyed herself as well. Their yard looked beautiful, the food was delicious, but for me , it was the 40 or so people there that absolutely made my day! I was among my liberal brethren of the great San Francisco Bay region......I could speak freely............nobody even mentioned Obama's medical "death squads"! weird religious, or on my part lack thereof, arguments............all the cars had No on Prop.8, instead of the hateful Placer Co. "Yes on 8" contingent........I found all sorts of people I could be friends with ! I must remember to head West more often......I love the mountains, but wish the folks here were a little.....or a lot.....more like the folks who hug the coast.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Molly's Garden !

I'm wishing I was a little better photographer.....Molly's garden is so pretty and sweet, I wish I was able to capture it's goodness,but I only succeeded in making Molly appear ghost-like ! Forgive me Molly .......
I picked Molly up at her house and then we headed out to buy some fabric she needs for her class........and guess what !......we found the perfect fabric. Funny how that happens, oftener than not ! We also had a nice visit and we also bought some beer for Jim!! All-in-all, a pleasant way to spend a hot August afternoon.
Speaking of Jim........we're hittin' the town tonight.......sci-fi thriller, "Section 9"......I think that's what it's called .......and then of course, Friday night chow mein. I'm excited.....I may even paint my toenails!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going Batty !

This morning as I was stubbling around after Jim left something "buzzed" me ! I was really so out of it I kind of didn't pay any attention......I think I thought I was outside or something.......then it dawned on me ! Something was flying around in the house! When I realized it was a bat....I freaked out ! I don't really understand why I freaked, but I guess I have more of a bat phobia than I realized. Seemed like it was trying to scare me, but probably it was as frightened as I was. It really would have been very comical to see if anyone but me was home.......I was actually letting out little screams every time it flew by. It was following me....I swear! Finally....I propped open a screen door and ran upstairs and closed myself in the bedroom. I had a doctor's appointment and so eventually had to come out......and when I did the bat was gone.....although I 'm still not convinced for sure that it's gone, it may be hiding and come back out as the sun goes down!
Anyhow.....the trip to the doctor was uneventful.....I checked out fine......luckily we live an hour from our doctor and so my blood pressure had returned to normal by then!
I met my Mom and cousins Bev and Maddie for lunch.....and finally I had an exciting story to relate...but I forgot all about the bat and so missed my chance !! Well........we found plenty to talk about anyhow and had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Magic Jack !

As part of my cost-cutting measures......yes, I do have a plan ! I installed my new Magic Jack. I don't know if any of you have heard of said "Jack", but most of what I've heard and read has been positive. The goal is to reduce usage, of get rid of all together , our expensive out dated land line. I use my cell phone to make the calls I call the Molly, Seth and my Mom....since we're on a family plan the calls are free. However, I don't like to use my minutes to call everyone else....especially Jill in Norway. Enter Magic Jack ! For 19$ a YEAR , my long distance is free. It's a VOIP type of device....the difference between it and SKYPE is that my phone is the device I use for calling and talking, not my computer with a headset.....which I have a hard time getting used to. Like I said, I may disconnect the land line for good....or keep it for incoming calls , but if you get a call from a strange 530 number....don't hang's probably me ! If I do ditch the land line I'll make sure you least most of you........ get our new number.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Molly's New "Do" !

Yesterday Molly made the move an effort to look older than her cut her long hair. She may look a wee bit older, but she for sure looks beautiful !
Last night she and Ross came up for dinner and a bit of pre-season 49er's action. We had a nice evening and it's wonderful having them so close that they can head up without a lot of fanfare.
Jim and I are just about to leave to go down to Auburn to buy our new woodstove. Maybe not the most exciting purchase we've made, but we'll be loving it come October when the cold winds blow! Maybe dinner and a movie afterwards? It's possible!

Thursday, August 13, 2009 Deer Days of Summer !

The middle of August.....the time of deer infestation. I guess they run out of juicy food in the forest and so they head to our front yard with all it's tempting bright...[ do deer see color?].....and sweet flowers and all the cool , moist grass. Up until this time of the year we don't see that much of the critters, but for the next few months they'll be our constant companions. Soon the bucks with raging hormones will enter the picture......they're scary and Jenny and I are weary as we roam around. Everybody kind of disappears during the Winter, but in the Spring our front yard becomes the local deer nursery. Deer come back to the same spot they were born in to have their babies. Apparently alot of deer have been born here over the decades, because a whole lot of them come back to have their babies. They also try to come back to where they were born when they sense their imminent death.....and we've had that happen several times.
Molly just called and she's going bravely forward and getting her long hair cut tomorrow.......she's going to the woman who fixed Tess's hair for the wedding and she did a great job that day. Molly hopes for another good day tomorrow! I'm going to try and go down and go with Molly ......hopefully, she will NOT need a shoulder to cry on.
Jim just got home and.........the report is turned in !! No trips to the office this weekend.......Yipeeeeeee!

Monday, August 10, 2009

One Broody Chick !

Little Black Hen sure does have the nesting instinct , even though none of the eggs are hers! Every day when I go to gather the eggs this is what I encounter......along with a few pecks to the hand when I try to remove the eggs out from under her. Her brooding is all for naught ,however, since we have no rooster. I really do empathise with her.......I always got all crazy and never wanted to leave my house right before each of my babies was born......especially when there was no rooster!!!
Today Mom and I made a little escape from the heat and made a quick trip up to the summit to watch Seth climb. Molly was going to go with us and do a little climbing, but she got hung up at school...........these working people...what are they thinking!! Anyhow, it was so beautiful up there ....nice and cool....and I got a chance to see one of my favorite friends of Seth's and his girlfriend......I hadn't seen Mike for a long time. Even better.....I found out that his girlfriend ,Katie, plays the they have an open invitation to attend any and all get-togethers up here!
Our alarm was set for 3:30 AM this morning ......and off to the office Jim went. I just got a text from him and he'll be home in about an hour. I've got one of his favorite dinners planned.....barbecued chicken wings.....and I guess it's about time to get them started.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Relishing the Birthdays !

August 7......double birthday in this family. Jill turns 40 and Dan is now 26 ! I talked to Dan and he and Anna were on their way out to dinner......I haven't wished Jilly a" Happy Birthday" yet as she and Gaute are spending the weekend in Prague. So it seems as though both Dan and Jill are having a fun day. All these kids know how to do that ! year on my birthday I'm going to do something besides buy a meatloaf!!!!
I went down to Auburn this afternoon and met Molly. We headed to our favorite thrift store and checked out their goods. Molly bought some books for her classroom and I found a shirt for Seth. We headed over to Seth's to drop off the shirt and he and Amanda were there so we stayed and visited a few minutes. Seth was headed to the mountains to climb and Amanda was headed home to the Bay Area as she had a conference to attend this weekend.
As for me, I came home and started beating back the accumulated cucumbers and zucchini. More dill pickles and then the first batch of zucchini relish of the year.
I just finished my dinner......a big salad with LOTS of tomatoes. I ate alone since poor Jim is down at the office. I think this big project he's working on will be done sometime in the end of August....until then I envision a few more solitary dinners.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where's Jim ?

I've of late become a single woman once again ! Not so much fun . I hope the State of California appreciates my sacrifice........but, I know there's no way! Jim's worked both days the last three weekends......last night he got home about 1 am and tonight it's looking to be another late one. Being at the office is not a choice Jim would ever make if he could think of a way to get out of it........I know he's very unhappy about the whole mess the state finds itself in , but like most of the California taxpayers would tell him......"You're lucky to have a job". Well, this point .......who knows !
Tessy left this morning to head back to Humboldt.....we had a real nice visit.....I love that little spitfire . Molly and Ross , Seth and Amanda came up for dinner last's cool enough in the evening now that we were able to eat out on the deck without being annoyed by yellow jackets. The "kids" really enjoyed all being together and needless to say, I loved it!
I've started a new walking route......I can't do the treadmill any more , I want to be outside. I walk along Foresthill Rd. which is the main route up here. It sounds hectic but, a lot of the trail strays a little from the road. There are beautiful vistas the whole way and the three miles fly by. I hope by next week I'm cruisin' and doing at least five. I'll try to remember my camera one of these mornings and show you one of the beautiful spots along the way.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rockin' At the Press Club !

First Saturday of the month ?? Ross and the Gins are playing at the Press Club !!! He had quite the family crowd there yesterday to cheer them on......and as always they didn't disappoint.......they're SO good! Afterwards Mom took us all .....Ross, Molly and me ....out for dinner at an awesome place Ross knew of. It was great Chinese food in a wonderful outdoor patio setting. It was a nice cool night and so we lingered a while and enjoyed the evening.
Today I got a call from Tess and she's on her way down to spend a couple of days with us. I haven't seen her since her wedding ........about a month already !.......I'm really looking forward to spending some time with her. I also talked to Seth and he and Amanda will join us for dinner tomorrow night . I haven't seen much of Seth lately either so it should be a jolly dinner !