Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Chicks !

Just a photo of a couple of the awesome "chicks" residing up here lately ! I speak, of course , of Tia and her sisters ........the newest babies to arrive here on the farm ! Taige and Tia went down to the feed store the other day with Papa Jim and picked out 3, get 2 chicks. The kids have had a hard time getting in enough "quality" time with the chicks, the kittens and the puppy , but they sure are having fun trying !
We actually have been having a lot of fun all week. A couple of trips down to Roseville for lunch with Granny, a few trips to Target and a day up at Aunt Tessy's to meet Bryn. Today we're headed up to a beautiful little lake for some kayaking and later,climbing with Uncle Bubba. Tomorrow is their last day here and Tess and Bryn may come up for a domino tournament on the deck ! We've enjoyed Taige and Tia so much while they've been here.......they're great loving and sweet. Thanks Josh and Melanie for sharing !
Next week involves canning applesauce, getting my computer fixed and then there are always the kittens, the puppy and the chicks !

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Papa Jim's First Visit !

Papa Jim finally got his hands on Bryn !! We drove up the other evening for a lovely visit with Tess and Boyce......Callie also had a blast with the resident dogs, Odie and Buddha ! Little Bryn was his little mellow self and slept in Jim's arms for a couple of hours. Tessy made some delicious carrot-apple juice for us and we all enjoyed their lovely home and beautiful land .
Today I drove to Reno to pick up some of my other beautiful grandchildren ......Taige and Tia who flew in to Reno from Salt Lake for a week. So wonderful to see them and their sweet faces . After a stop at MickeyD's we headed on up here. So far, they've played with Callie, then played with Callie and then played some more with Callie !! They also spent time with the kitties and squeezed in some time in the pool ! Tomorrow Ross and Molly will be here and ,hopefully ,my mom for a day of dominoes ! I'll get some photos then.
Jim'll be going up to bring home some food from a new Chinese restaurant that just opened up here.......fingers are crossed !!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bryn Elijah Hundley !

Just wanted to introduce you all to my newest love.......Tess and Boyce's newborn son! He was born last night at 1:58 am after a fast, but furious labor lasting around 4 hours. He jettisoned out into this big wide world weighing 7lbs 11oz...... Or as Boyce put it last night,he was about medium :-)!
He is beautiful, full of sweetness and we couldn't be happier !
I spent the day with him today, I hope to be able to spend many, many more in the years to come.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heading for the High Country ! has been so hot ! Around 100* up here and about 107* down in the valley ! The heat\'s been here for about 10 days now and expected to hang around for another 4-5 days. I\'d just about "had" it on Sunday.....too hot ! Jim , being the perceptive husband he is, suggested we take a drive up the road. We ended up at one of my favorite local spots, Robinson Flat. It\'s a high meadow, about 6,000 ft, with a stream running through it. Unfortunately , the stream was dry this late in the year since it was a dry winter, but there were lovely wildflowers

and the air was cool and fresh. Callie had a blast running and wrestling in the tall meadow grass and we enjoyed watching her explore with a puppy\'s curiosity .
We stopped at Sugar Pine on the way home for a quick swim. Callie didn\'t exactly swim, but did retrieve some sticks from the steps...
Drove all the way down to Auburn for some Chinese food and by the time we got home the house was bearable so we settled in to watch a cheesy Netflix movie and enjoy our food.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll !

Before I get too far behind......a quick post ! We continue to enjoy our new family members......Callie is a joy and a laugh a minute . The three kitties are thriving and so entertaining !
A few days ago Jim and I took Callie up to the lake and although she was curious, she wouldn't jump in with me . I hope she has a change of heart soon, I want a water dog ! Any ideas ? Yesterday we took her over to Grass Valley to pick up some seeds and she didn't seem to mind the ride and she definitely liked stopping at
Pacos for some tacos !
On Monday we had the whole gang over to celebrate Dan's birthday. Really fun day..,......what
an awesome bunch of "kids" ! Tess was able to waddle in......just joking , she still looks adorable,but I don't think she can hang in much longer.......she's huge!
We're really enjoying having Molly around.......wish she didn't have such heavy decisions to make. Last night we made the best of the situation and Jim gave her a Tarot reading to try to help her figure things out. Tarot reading was a little sideline of Jim's back in his Santa Cruz days! I don't know if Molly found the answers she was looking for , but I know we all have a very fun night !
Today I'm looking forward to meeting some of my cousins for lunch, my mom joins us also we're all able to swap some gossip and share some laughs.
Life would be near perfect if not for the fact that the next 5 days are going to be around 105 degrees :-(. Waaaa, waaaaaa, wa

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lupine,Shasta and Yarrow !

     We are on a roll !   If we need to stick around here because of Callie, our puppy, we might as well throw some kittens into the mix !   We've been wanting to get some more cats since we're down to one very elderly and reclusive lady.  I drove down to the Auburn S.P.C.A. and I really lucked out !  Three beautiful siblings.......the black and white cat is the male, Yarrow and he is the ringleader of the pack! The beautiful calico is Lupine and her equally pretty sister is sweet, shy Shasta ! They're residing in the garage for the time being......we hope to be able to let them out and about soon.....they will definitely be out door kitties.They're all right at home with us already and even tolerate Callie .
      Besides puppy and kitten day care, we've been trying to stay in the pool !   I had to escape the kitchen.....steamy hot from more pickles.  Looking forward to an easy dinner of fresh salmon and a big assortment of fresh veggies from the garden !