Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt !

Well......not so much the debt part, but for sure another candle on the cake ! Pretty quiet day today....rainy, cold and just hanging out with Jenny....but this weekend was an awesome way to add a year to my life !! Saturday I hung out at a local winery with Molly and her wonderful friend, Chloe......no, I still don't drink ,but a vineyard is a very cool place to spend the day !! Of course what made it even more fabulous was that Ross' band was playing there all day....joined by my wonderful fiddlin' husband ! It was a beautiful warm and sunny day and the place was hopping......I was loving life the whole day long !
Sunday....Dan, Anna, Molly and Ross came up for the Super Bowl, Pigs-in-a-Blanket and Chili ! Such an exciting game and such a wonderful bunch of "kids"! Makes turning 62 not such a daunting thought !
Talked to Tess yesterday and she had an interview with a woman in Chico who owns a company there and would like to ease into retirement. Apparently she saw in Tess the qualities she's looking for and so within a fairly short time period Tess may be easing into that position. Tessy will be so happy to be out of the city and back up with Boyce ......I hope the job all works out !
Tomorrow my niece Heather is coming to stay with my mom for a few days....her birthday is on Thursday. It'll be great to see her and I look forward to spending some time with her. This rain is due to move out and the rest of the week promises to be sunny and warm......I think we're just skipping winter this year !