Sunday, November 29, 2009

Precious Family Time !

What a wonderful weekend ! It's so awesome to have adult children and be able to enjoy them, their partners , grandchildren and extended family. We surely missed all of you who weren't able to be here ...........I'm so fortunate to have a houseful and still be missing some ! Let's see...on Thanksgiving we had Molly-Ross, Seth-Amanda, Josh-Melanie, Taige-Tia, Granny, Melanie's sister, Heather and Peg and Steve....Amanda's Mom and Dad. Also visits from Seth's friends Mike and Katie. A few additions to the dining table and we all well as a ton of food ! There was wonderful conversation, exciting game playing, and a whole lot of eating. Thanks to all of you who created yet another memorable day for me.
Friday we went with Granny down to In and Out for lunch and an action packed afternoon at Chucky Cheese.......Taige and Tia were in Heaven ! Yesterday we packed up some turkey sandwiches and headed out for a wonderful hike along the river. One of the perks of Northern California........winter hikes !! Everyone headed home today and I've been enjoying cleaning the house up......yep.....I said enjoying !!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tick Tock.......

I should not be sitting here......I should be doing something way more constructive.....I'll give my self five minutes !! Thanksgiving is but 3 days away and I am nowhere near ready for the big day ! Working the last couple of days has really cut into my organization.......all you people who work for a "living"...I don't remember any more how you do it ! I suppose I'm the only one who really cares if the house is spotless, or even if I were to order pizza for Thanksgiving dinner.....well, I can think of at least one objection to that idea !........but, somehow I put all this pressure on my self. Everything must be homemade and all appliances must shine ! I might relinquish a little bit this year, but Josh and his family are coming and I get very little chance to spoil I'm off to make some gingerbread men !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scorin' on the Road !

Look what I found this morning on my daily walk ! No, not the cat , she's an innocent bystander........I found this wire and a bungee cord ! It was kind of a pain to carry it home, but worth the effort I think. Now, before you start thinking I've turned all " bag lady" you must understand that we use a whole lot of that wire fencing around here. And , believe-it-or-not, just before I came upon the bungee cord I was thinking, "I need a bungee cord so I can wrap the outdoor chairs in a plastic bag "! .........Ask and you shall receive !!
Could be I'm actually going a little "stir-crazy"......the walk was SO the highlight of my day ........otherwise could find me upstairs all day sewing like the dickens.........whatever that means ! Better times are ahead for me, however........tacos for dinner and a King's game to enjoy !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Celebrate !!

A night for celebration..........Molly's 24th birthday, Denny and Joan's Bon Voyage [back to Maui for 6 months] and Molly and Ross's unofficial 1 year anniversary. On top of all that we were going to have big , succulent crab for dinner, but, alas, the storms prevented any crab harvesting so we "made do" with some delicious Scampi. ........and Granny's amazing Caesar Salad ! A wonderful, fun get-together ........ending with my homemade cheesecake for dessert. I'm sad to see D and J flying off for six months.......but they're glad to be headed to warmer waters.
This afternoon Granny drove up and met me , Molly and Ross and we took a scenic drive in the beautiful up here ! Tonight Jim and I are heading down to Mid-Town to enjoy The Bathtub Gins.......Ross's band. Good music and a wild, entertaining crowd !!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Autumn Hike !

Yesterday Jim and I took advantage of the last of the snowless days in the High Sierra. We headed to a beautiful area of the mountains that I bet 9 out of 10 Californians have never seen or even heard of........a little range north of I-80 called the Sierra Buttes......above photo is Upper Sardine Lake. We had the place almost completely to ourselves and although it was windy and cold......all that uphill hiking kept us pretty warm. Looking ahead to warm weather this Summer we found lots of great swimming lakes and a few we might be able to drag a raft up to for a little shore exploration !
Today was spent somewhere not nearly as scenic.......inside of Target !! I was finally able to run down some towels it's back upstairs to work for me !!! But........not until Thursday ! Molly has the day off tomorrow [Wednesday] and so I'm meeting her and taking her "birthday shopping" because Thursday is her 24th Birthday !! I can't begin to guess want she would want better to let her do the picking out ! I think my Mom may join us for awhile so it should be a real fun afternoon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Day......Another Dollar !

Well, two shows down.....more to come. Not much spending going on out there this year.....if my little booth is any indication ! I probably still made more than the stuff I made is worth, but sales are down by at least 25%........however, we'll be able to manage a Xmas ham to go with the coal !! Today's photo was taken yesterday up at the log cabin in I mentioned , sales were so-so........but, I did get to visit a bit with friends I have up here , it's always cozy and Christmasy feeling and best -of -all....Ross and Molly came up for a visit and bought me a chili dog !!! I do love a good chili dog !........I also love Molly and Ross !
Jim has almost all of next week off.......he's using up his accrued vacation one day, maybe tomorrow, we're going on a little exploring venture. Tuesday is towel hunting day......none of the suppliers I order my towels from are in business anymore....kind of an eye opener as to the state of manufacturing right now ! Wednesday is Veteran's Day so Molly has the day off and, since the next day is her birthday, we'll use Veteran's Day as a vehicle for celebration ! Lunch out and a little birthday shopping !
The Sunday football schedule is about to start......time to go !

Monday, November 2, 2009

November............Really ????

What a beautiful day.......hard to believe it's actually November. Even early this morning, when I was walking ,it was sunny and so warm......Jenny and I were sticking to the shady side of the least on the uphill portions ! I spent the rest of the morning on the house.......down with the Halloween decorations, sweeping and mopping, scrubbing tile ! The afternoon was spent getting stuff ready for a sale I'm doing on Wednesday.......I'm hoping there'll be a big payoff for all the time spent !
It's about 4:30 now and already just about dark up here..........kind of a drag , but very nice to have the sun up an hour earlier in the morning ! The weather forecast is for more of the same beautiful weather tomorrow and I can't wait to be out there enjoying it !