Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year........New Product !

This is a photo of the future of Lupine Hill Farm! My dear husband, Jim, supplied the capital for the new equipment.........and I sure hope it works out !!!! On Ebay I always see all these people selling fabric that's been pre-cut and is for people to purchase to make quilts with.........cutting the fabric is one of the most time consuming aspects of quilting. my mind ........for the most part......the fabrics that are chosen always look horrible together or are just plain ugly fabrics. Sooooooo....I had the idea that since my favorite part of any sewing project is putting the fabrics together that might be the ticket for me! But I've mentioned before...I can't cut anything straight for the life of me! Then.......along comes the GO fabric cutter !!!! It cuts fabric with a metal die........all sides straight and's Magic!!!!! I'm still trying to get the house back in order after all the holiday guests, but I hope to get cutting soon. The other folks on Ebay selling fabric squares seem to doing real well and if I can do the same I might be able to eek out a year round income!
Seth and Amanda are headed up this evening to have dinner and catch the King's game........the Kings which are so awesome this year after several years of boringggggg!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tessy's Angels

The stockings are hung ...... the house smells of incense cedar.....and Tessy's angels proudly stand on display. Tess started collecting them when she was about five years old and I have vivid memories of her playing with them on the floor of our house when they came out with the Xmas decorations. This year I'll be their biggest admirer.....I just got word that Tess won't be home for Xmas this year. I understand how hard it would be for her......the chaos, the laughter and the excitement...... her life has changed in ways I can't begin to understand......none of us here can. I think the finality of Ryan's death has just begun to sink in.....she needs to regroup and settle in her new home. There won't be a moment I'm not thinking of her and hoping some peace comes her way.
I'm so fortunate to be able to be surrounded by so many of the people I love in this will indeed be a very Merry I hope it is for you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rocky Mountain Christmas !

Check out what I scored on ebay......for 99 cents/ free shipping !! Go ahead ......roll your eyes.....but I love John Denver, especially at Xmas !! I love our beautiful home and amazing piece of land, but sometimes I miss the remoteness of living up at 6,000 ft. in the Rockie Mountains. You're in a world apart......the nearest freeway is 100 miles away......everything is snowy white and softly silent.....a below zero night, the crispness and the stars .......a sight to behold.
Well.....enough waxing poetic.......hey!!....I finished my last order today....I'm officially out of the retail business for the next couple of months !! Tomorrow Molly, Ross and I are heading up to Nevada City for a little last minute shopping....perhaps.....lunch at Pacos Tacos ?? This is my most favorite time of year.......the week before Xmas is the best !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

# 1 Most Exciting Present...........So Far !

I think I know what this present is.......the shape and feel of it are dead give-aways.......and that's what makes it so exciting!!!!! Josh brought it when he and his family were here for Thanksgiving .......and right away my curiosity was peaked ! Will it have some kind of design on it........corn or nylon......I love brooms and they actually have always been a large part of my life ! When I broke my ankle several years ago ....the first thing Tess said was, "How are you going to sweep?" ! Well, I managed.......wheelchair sweeping ! I haven't had a new broom for at least 15 years and now I'm pretty sure there's one under the Xmas tree just for me !!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Baby, it's cold outside !! It hasn't gotten out of the low twenties for three days now and the lows at night have been in or near the single digits. I feel so sorry for my ladies, the chickens.......shivering all night in their little hen house. Through it all they've still been giving me eggs every day........what little troopers ! Even Jenny's condescended to come in and lay by the fire......she usually only grudgingly comes inside and can't wait to get back outside.
I think we may have lost our hardy lemon tree.......I can usually go out and pick lemons in the snow, but the fact that it just never warms at all during the day may have done it in. For sure many of my perennial flowers are toast.....oh well.....I'll get to stalk the nurseries come Spring.
Sounds like more snow on the way this weekend. I have an order to deliver on Friday......hope I can get them down to her. I also want to do some shopping with Molly on Saturday.....we haven't gotten to do any Xmas shopping together yet and there's this one store in Auburn that gives away fresh, hot caramel corn during the Xmas season.......a tradition for Molly and me !

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lookin' Like Christmas In and Out !

We woke up this morning to over two feet of light, fluffy snow ! Jenny was beside herself with joy....she's a real snow dog. I was pretty happy myself ! It even snowed a little down in Roseville.....Granny said she had a dusting on her front lawn. I spent most of the day decorating the inside of the house and I must say it looks darn festive ! Certainly not as much fun as it used to be when the kids were home .........but certainly a lot easier ! After cheering Jim on while he shoveled the driveway.....I headed in to do a little more sewing. I have a few more orders to fill and I'm making some Xmas gifts.
There's a pot of chili on the stove and a rip-roaring fire in the stove......I'm in the mood for Xmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

# 7 Reason to Live in NorCal!

Yep, I'm talking about an abundance of fresh crab ! This is what's for dinner tonight....all this for just Jim and a crusty loaf of sourdough [ the # 9 reason] and a big salad. Mmmmm......I can't wait!
Sorry I haven't been heard from's been sew and sell, sew and sell , but I'm almost done.......some orders to complete and then .....Xmas, I'm yours ! Speaking of Xmas.....we got our Xmas "branch" up today, using Manzanita once again. It looks real cute and seems to fit our personalities.......kind of shy and humorous. I also got the outside lights up just as it started to snow........I even remembered how to work the timer , always a tense few moments for me ! We're supposed to get quite a bit of snow this week and even some snow down in the valley tonight. That happens about once every thirty years. Tomorrow I'll deck the inside of the house with Xmas cheer....I'll try to capture some of it in photos.
I made a rough copy of my Xmas letter to send out this year and may print them up tomorrow......I hope it's not too "heavy", but the last few months have seen some "heavy" times. Tessy says she'll be home for Xmas.......can't wait to get my arms around her.