Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Good Bye Old Friends !

      Last Friday we made a big change up here.....our new sofa and chair were delivered !   They look beautiful and besides needing a little "breaking in", are very comfy.  Now what to do with the old pieces......loyal and soft for over 15 years .   Hurray.....Tess and Boyce said they would be delighted to give them a new home.  Yesterday they came to pick them up.....I included 3 rolls of brown duct tape as a bonus !    It was wonderful, as always, to see their smiling faces and have a little visiting time.   Bryn was his usual feisty self......I hope he never loses that swagger !
     I talked with Seth this morning and all is well in Santa Barbara.......I think they love it there.   Maybe they'll help me conquer my So Cal distain !
   Beautiful Fall weather ......they say all this week.   My very favorite time of year.

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