Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fun in the Sun !!

      wow.....what a week it's been !    Over 100 degrees every day while Josh and fam were here and staying there when Jill and family arrived.  Yesterday it cooled a little, but by next weekend the temps should climb back to the 100's.  We've been staying cool with the help of our little lake and what a great time "the cousins" all had !  They discovered the rope swing on the other side of the lake and so they took turns rowing the kayaks over , having a few swings then heading back.  They also found a large log that was floating around and pulled it around the bend......lots and lots of fun on that rolling log ! Needless to say, the dogs were in heaven.....Callie was awesome on the log, I think we should take her to the coast to try some surfing !
    Jack and Donna and Dan and Anna came up the day after the 4th.....it was wonderful to see everyone and we enjoyed a light dinner on the deck.  The next day was tipi raising day and it dawned, once again, hotter than a pistol.  It turned out to be an all day event.....thanks again Jack and Donna, we couldn't have done it without you !   We were all heat and sun exhausted by the time we got it done, but it's awesome to have it proudly standing !
    Today I think Jill and I are headed to Nevada City to meet Tess and Bryn......Grandpa Jim, the boys and Callie once again headed to the lake !


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