Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot !!!!

     Oh is so hot !!  For the 3rd day in a row it is well over 100 down in the valley, upper 90's up here. Records are being broken everyday and we still have the hottest days to come.  Tomorrow and Tuesday it's expected to be around 110 in Roseville.   Yesterday we beat the heat at the lake.  We stayed until late was a blast ! We took both kayaks and both dogs......instant entertainment !   Oh.....we also had Bryn !   Taige and Tia became world class kayakers and rope swingers....although Taige tangled with a hornet's nest at the rope swing and had a badly swollen nose to show for it !  We ended the day out on the deck devouring barbecued ribs and salad.....take that you horrible heat !!
    Today everyone but Jim and I headed down to San Francisco .....much cooler there !  We miss them all, but hanging out in front of the ac and watching bad movies on Netfix isn't all bad !   Not cooking tonight even......Jim promised Chinese take-out !
    Jilly and fam come Tuesday night....we can't wait!


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