Thursday, August 15, 2013

OMG...... Has It Really Been THAT Long ???

   Wow. it's been over a month since I last posted, July 7th seems like a lifetime ago !   The house was overflowing with people I love, grandchildren everywhere.  There were seemingly daily trips up to the lake, kayaks and the canoe were a permanent fixture on the truck !  Meals took all three tables on the deck and the line wrapped around the kitchen while everyone patiently waited to dish up their food.   These summer months when the all the kids come and go bring me such joy..... how could I be any more fortunate !
     Everyone is back in their own homes now, still lucky enough to have the "local" kids around quite a bit.  Tess and Bryn come over often, Molly not as often any more since her school has started back up and Seth is around when he can squeeze it in between work and climbing !   But.....the wonderful news among the "locals" is that Dan and Anna are pregnant !!!  Yep.....number 7 is on the way, due the end of March !    Everyone is so excited and what wonderful pare  nts that little baby will have !
       There's a horrible fire up here right now.....up on Deadwood Ridge, our beautiful firewood gathering spot.  It started on Saturday and still burns out of control.....the air quality here is horrible, heavy, heavy smoke.  
   Today was spent doing the late summer canning.  Pickles and chili sauce was made last month we have nectarines and yet more tomatoes to deal with !   Today I made a lot of nectarine salsa......I love it with salmon......and more chili sauce.   I'll start on the beets soon and also put up some more stewed tomatoes for soup this winter. 
    Next Wednesday is Brynnie's 1st can bet there'll be a few pictures !

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